Spiritual Transformation

After the successful premier of Kardec Radio, worldwide listeners have requested us a talk show on Spiritual Transformation and the Spiritist approach. Kardec Radios host, Dr. Vanessa Anseloni will interview Dr. Mark Baker. Dr. Baker has received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Theology, as well as a certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He is the author of the internationally best selling book Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived. He has co-authored with New York Times best-seller author Carmen Renee Berry the book Whos to Blame?: Escape the Victim Trap & Gain Personal Power in Your Relationships, which was released by Pinon Press. Dr. Baker is the Executive Director of the La Vie Counseling Centers with offices in Pasadena and Santa Monica, CA This special talk show will also feature a special conversation with the creator of the new web tool for Spiritist videos on demand, the Spiritist Network.

Visit Kardec Radio at www.kardecradio.com


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