Hope, the ultimate remedy!

by Leonardo Vieira
Leonardo Vieira presents this special talk about Hope as a remedy for our soul.

Understanding karmic choices

by Vanessa Anseloni and Celia Batista
In this spiritist talk, Celia Batista and Vanessa Anseloni discuss Karmic Choices.

Have I chosen my family?

by Leonardo and Vanessa Anseloni
Leonardo Vieira and Vanessa Anseloni bring the importance of family and how we reincarnate according to the Spiritist teachings.

Solutions for the crisis

Daniel Assisi addresses the current economic crisis in light of the Spiritist Phylosophy.

Source: Society Spiritist of Baltimore

From grief to hope

The Spiritist Therapy for Those Who Stayed was beautiful presented by Divaldo Franco and assisted by the interpreter, Daniel Benjamin.

Source: SpiritistVideos

Divaldo Franco – 2nd U.S. Spiritist Symposium

Message from Divaldo Franco (Voice-over by Steve shepard) to Spiritist living in USA. This video was showed at the 2nd U.S Spiritist Symposium in New York on April 19, 2008.

Source: SpiritistVideos.com